If there is a technical or organizational challenge, Cirrus is looking for creative and reproducable solutions. In order to increase the efficiency standarized solutions are developed: products, which are the missing piece in this jigsaw puzzle.

[ Control Engineering ]

  • CozyHome - Building automation via iPhone (www)
  • mobilePCD - The Service-App for Saia-Burgess PCDs
  • Cirrus App Configurator - The universal data point configuration program for Cirrus iPhone App's
  • Cirrus Analytics Suite - From Saia-PCD to Microsoft Excel. The toolchain for evaluating collected measured values.

[ Supply Engineering]

  • I-Panel - The missing link in the installation process
  • Alignment-set for water-carrying fireplaces:
    • Aqua Station - always regulated
    • Aqua connect - 2 Point-regulation
    • Aqua constant - Constand regulation
  • INA-System - The plug-and-play connection for water-carrying fireplaces
  • Raised floors with cooling- & heating-function

[ IT-Services ]