We surf the web, chat, twitter, pay our bills online and look up our friends on social network. One can hardly imagine life without internet. IT is everywhere, at home, in the office and on the road and must be customer-oriented.
IT is omnipresent and variable.

We have been offering IT-Services since 2003 and like best practice functionality.


  • [ iPhone development ]

    Mobile communication devices like the iPhone or the iPad are the spearhead of mobile technology. We at Cirrus concentrate on possible synergy with other services and this gives us a completely different outlook with extremely interesting business opportunities, for example in the building automation.

  • [ .NET-development ]

    We use the .NET-platform to develop tailor-made solution.

  • [ Web-Design ]

    The internet and its users are permanently interacting and making for very swift changes in the requirements for a successful web site. Nowadays, technique is not nearly enough but still a foremost requisite. Design and graphism have become decisive and user-friendliness is essential.
    Project, design, structure and implement your website together with us! We are delighted to realise your showcase and your message to your clients.

  • [ Telecommunication and VoIP consultancy]

    We help you choose the best suited technology and product to enable you to be flexible - now and in future.


  • CozyHome - Building automation via iPhone (www)
  • mobilePCD - The Service-App for Saia-Burgess PCDs
  • Cirrus App Configurator - The universal data point configuration program for Cirrus iPhone App's.
  • Cirrus Analytics Suite - From Saia-PCD to Microsoft Excel. The toolchain for evaluating collected measured values



  • Residential home for the elderly St.Josefshaus in Neustadt / Wied (Germany)
  • Prang & Partner GmbH - Hausen (Germany)