[ TODAY – Who we are ]

Cirrus B.V. Is a family business located in Neustadt (Wied). The connection between integration of renewable energies as well as the use of IT in system technology are the main competences of Cirrus.

[ TOMORROW – What we want to be ]

We want to design trends, perfected installations based on mainly renewable energies and their implementation as well as to re-define the role of IT in energymanagement.


[ 1983 ] Edgar Zimmermann founds the enterprise in the sector of SHK
[ 1992 ] Change of location from Waldbreitbach to Neustadt (Wied). The reasons for this step is the short connection to the motorway and a main-client.
[ 1999 ] The Cirrus B.V. „Silent cooling“ is founded in Eindhoven. This step is taken due to close collaboration with dutch module producers.
[ 2005 ] The individual enterprise Zimmermann slips under the curtain of a LLC of dutch right with which name she now operates.