Building technology is becoming more complex by the day and requires an improved cooperation between the various components. Cirrus’ core expertise lies in building service engineering and this enables us to integrate these various components to a performing unit.

Such a unit is always modern, energy-saving and simple to use with an easy access to most important parameters. We do not like the idea of having to read a thick and fastidious manual – we like our unit to be used intuitively. Since we know exactly how every component works, we guarantee that they work together effectively and we can visualize the whole system on your computer or your smart phone if your wish so.

At Cirrus, we aim to make your life easier and trendy.


  • Integration of new components in existing systems
  • Components’ linkage and control
  • BUS- and Networking integration
  • Switch cabinet including wiring
  • Visualisation and control on mobile communication devices


  • CozyHome - building automation on your iPhone (www)
  • mobilePCD - service app for Saia-Burgess PCD
  • Cirrus App Configurator - universal data point configuration programm for Cirrus’ iPhone Apps
  • Cirrus Analytics Suite - from Saia-PCD to Microsoft Excel. The toolchain for data’s evaluation.


  • Waiting room at Berlin-Tegel airport (Germany)
  • Deutsche Bahn – High-speed train connection Francfort – Cologne (Germany)
  • Residential home for the elderly St.Josefshaus in Neustadt / Wied (Germany)
  • Administrative District Waldbreitbach (Germany)